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Acrylic Nail Questions

Hello, everybody! I've got some more questions relevant to planning my visit to England, and I can't ask the person I'm going to visit, because he's one of those males that wouldn't have even an iota of a clue.

I wear acrylic nails and really love them-how popular are they over there? How easy is it to get into a nail salon to have them filled, repaired, etc? Over here, any decent-sized town has a nail shop that takes walk-ins for that, and even smaller towns have arrangements that can be made by apointment in certain hair salons. Is it the same way there? And how much does it run for a fill, a full set, etc? I assume it varies, like it does over here, depending on the region of the country, but I'd like at least a general idea.

I really hope somebody can help me out here-thanks so much in advance if you can!
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