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I've been here for awhile. I suddenly am bursting with pointless questions, but I am so interested! Sorry if I annoy you. Actually, I'm not really sorry. I'm just interested in dumb things, but that's who I am!

Anyway...I know you get American shows like the Simpsons and Friends, but do you have to wait a few seasons till they show the new episodes? Like, Friends is doing season 10 now, and maybe you guys are still on season 7, 8, or 9? And is it on cable? Do you do cable? I have a feeling that there is a different term for "cable" in England. Like you know, you have the regular channels, but some people pay for the extra channels. Conan O'Brien said his show was now showing but I don't know if they show recent episodes or what.

And do people say "hot" when describing someone as good-looking. Like I think Gareth Gates is hot. I match up with him at, and I didn't know who he was but I googled him up and it said he was on Pop Idol, and then I confused him with Will Young--who I knew because he made a guest appearance on American Idol.

I'm dying to get out of the states. Seriously, I just want to pack up and leave without telling ANYONE. Britain is like my top choice because I like the culture and y'all speak english anyway. :) Would anyone know how hard it would be to find a job? Will people make fun of me if I said, "Oh, piss it!"?

One more thing: How known is Kelly Clarkson? She said she feels like a new artist in Europe because the first season of American Idol wasn't shown there. Does anyone know who she is? She's my favorite singer.

Well, if you don't mind answering any of my questions, then thanks!
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