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tea and crumpets

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I say, is there anyone left here? [17 May 2008|04:40pm]

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[24 May 2005|08:24pm]

If you lived in Tunstall, or anywhere in England, you would realise how unutterably shit it is and shut up.
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Wedding Traditions [15 Sep 2004|07:13pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Any fun British wedding traditions?

I am getting married next fall...

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Quick question [14 Jun 2004|01:43pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hi everyone! I'm a lurker around here, but I thought it's time for me to come out from my shell and make a request:

I have been bitten by a plot bunny, and as a result, I am writing a story based on one of the WIKTT challenges; to be specific, the Marriage Law one.

All that had absolutely nothing to do with my request, except for the following:

I need a list of British slang that would be used amongst friends... i.e. from one girl to another, girl to boy, boy to girl, boy to boy, etc. Also, if you could point me to any site that would have a good list of slang and such, and a good way to incorporate it into my dialogue.

Thanks in advance!

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Tea? [04 May 2004|11:45am]

[ mood | curious ]

When the English take their "tea" time, what kind of tea do they usually drink? Earl Grey?

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Curious [12 Mar 2004|01:36am]

[ mood | curious ]

How are the Princess Diana specials going over in England? Are people upset or glad by it? How is the Monarchy (sp?) responding to it?

I watched both of them, and will watch the upcoming one on saturday and I must say they certainly make Prince Charles look horrid, it doesn't make the Queen look too great either; and I wonder about the mental state of the 2 young Princes', Charles said he wasn't even pleased with Harry, for being a boy and having red hair.

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Acrylic Nail Questions [20 Feb 2004|10:07pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello, everybody! I've got some more questions relevant to planning my visit to England, and I can't ask the person I'm going to visit, because he's one of those males that wouldn't have even an iota of a clue.

I wear acrylic nails and really love them-how popular are they over there? How easy is it to get into a nail salon to have them filled, repaired, etc? Over here, any decent-sized town has a nail shop that takes walk-ins for that, and even smaller towns have arrangements that can be made by apointment in certain hair salons. Is it the same way there? And how much does it run for a fill, a full set, etc? I assume it varies, like it does over here, depending on the region of the country, but I'd like at least a general idea.

I really hope somebody can help me out here-thanks so much in advance if you can!

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[19 Jan 2004|12:07pm]

Has anyone here ever actually had a crumpet?
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Question Again [17 Jan 2004|01:51pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I have another British-related question. What are kippers? Apparently, they're some sort of breakfast food. Here's the quote:

"What do you want, Harry?" Mrs Weasley called. "Porridge? Muffins? Kippers? Bacon
and eggs? Toast?"

I'm just curious. Thanks!


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Maybe a stupid question, I dunno... [14 Dec 2003|02:17pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I've been re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, right, and the first time I read it and this time I keep noticing Tonks saying the word "Wotcher." Is this British at all? What does it mean? Thanks!

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greetings of a sort [14 Dec 2003|02:15am]

[ mood | blah ]

I ended up on this community some time near to forever ago. I really don't have any questions or anything fabulously interesting like that, just thought I would write some incoherent babble that someone may find funny.

Did you know egg nog tastes like pancakes . . . or so they say. It is also more expensive then milk.

I warned you it was going to be incoherent.

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Hi! [12 Dec 2003|07:41pm]

I've been here for awhile. I suddenly am bursting with pointless questions, but I am so interested! Sorry if I annoy you. Actually, I'm not really sorry. I'm just interested in dumb things, but that's who I am!

Anyway...I know you get American shows like the Simpsons and Friends, but do you have to wait a few seasons till they show the new episodes? Like, Friends is doing season 10 now, and maybe you guys are still on season 7, 8, or 9? And is it on cable? Do you do cable? I have a feeling that there is a different term for "cable" in England. Like you know, you have the regular channels, but some people pay for the extra channels. Conan O'Brien said his show was now showing but I don't know if they show recent episodes or what.

And do people say "hot" when describing someone as good-looking. Like I think Gareth Gates is hot. I match up with him at celebmatch.com, and I didn't know who he was but I googled him up and it said he was on Pop Idol, and then I confused him with Will Young--who I knew because he made a guest appearance on American Idol.

I'm dying to get out of the states. Seriously, I just want to pack up and leave without telling ANYONE. Britain is like my top choice because I like the culture and y'all speak english anyway. :) Would anyone know how hard it would be to find a job? Will people make fun of me if I said, "Oh, piss it!"?

One more thing: How known is Kelly Clarkson? She said she feels like a new artist in Europe because the first season of American Idol wasn't shown there. Does anyone know who she is? She's my favorite singer.

Well, if you don't mind answering any of my questions, then thanks!
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[11 Dec 2003|03:57am]

happy christmas sounds so much better than merry christmas ^_^
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Question [18 Nov 2003|02:50am]

[ mood | curious ]

Is the term "Ickle [name]kins" a real term? And is that only for the guys? What about the girls? Like would mine be Ickle Cindykins?

5 cups| cup of tea vicar?

[06 Nov 2003|01:32pm]

[ mood | calm ]

It's piddling in San Jose, CA right now :)

Does anyone watch the Ellen Degeneres show? Her DJ is from London and every now and then he gives new Brisitsh slang for people to use.


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A little off topic, but something British... [28 Oct 2003|10:33am]

[ mood | loved ]

My best friend's fiance is from England. I was at her house this weekend and her mother told me that she was willing to pay for them to have the wedding in England instead of in Michigan. *WOW* That would be something...

His mom is bringing over small, sterling silver horse-shoes with a little blue bow that you are supposed to sew into the waist of your wedding gown...British royalty good luck, I guess.

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Jolly usage... [23 Oct 2003|12:34pm]

Is the word "jolly" used as the word "good"?

ex) I am feeling just jolly today.
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Any Diabetic Brits Out There? [05 Oct 2003|04:04am]

[ mood | awake ]

Or does anybody know anything about it?

I have been a type 1 diabetic for 17 years, and I plan to visit a British friend soon, hopefully within the next few months, and there are a zillion things I need to know about how diabetes is handled there, things that are probably pretty dumb but could be, not to be overly dramatic, literally matters of life and death for me. I have spent hours trying to locate information through web searches, but I am apparently not looking for the right terms-even offical government websites don't help.

For example, if I do something dumb like drop a bottle of insulin and break it, can I just walk into a pharmacy with an American prescription and buy another one? And how much could I expect it to cost? I know non-citizens have to pay for any health-care related thing out of pocket, but is it more reasonable than over here in the U.S.? Does anybody know anything about this at all, that I could ask more things of? Or a good website with information? I will love you forever if you can help me.

And since this is my first post, I'll just add that I've been an anglophile for even longer than I've been diabetic-I am really a big fan of Harry Potter, but I like to say that I developed my fascination with the U.K. the old fashioned way-through watching Doctor Who. The little British flag that decorates the shelf with my Severus and Gilderoy dollies is older than many of the Harry Potter fans I know, as scary as that is, LOL. And yes, I know the even more old-fashioned way would be through Beatlemania, and, yes, I am old, but I'm not *quite* that old [cough].

This was a great idea for a community! I'm sure I'm not the only one who'll get a lot out of it.

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I think I read too much Harry Potter [03 Oct 2003|01:22am]

[ mood | ditzy ]

I live in California and I without thinking said "Bloody Hell" today around my co-workers haha, and er thats not common here but they thought it was cute...ahhh if I could only get the accent down

c'mon people post!!! keep this place interesting!!!

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Hey this is worth looking at [25 Sep 2003|10:46pm]

It's a list of common British slang, click here
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