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Acrylic Nail Questions

Hello, everybody! I've got some more questions relevant to planning my visit to England, and I can't ask the person I'm going to visit, because he's one of those males that wouldn't have even an iota of a clue.

I wear acrylic nails and really love them-how popular are they over there? How easy is it to get into a nail salon to have them filled, repaired, etc? Over here, any decent-sized town has a nail shop that takes walk-ins for that, and even smaller towns have arrangements that can be made by apointment in certain hair salons. Is it the same way there? And how much does it run for a fill, a full set, etc? I assume it varies, like it does over here, depending on the region of the country, but I'd like at least a general idea.

I really hope somebody can help me out here-thanks so much in advance if you can!
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Nearly every town over here has a nail salon. Honest. If you have trouble finding one, look in the yellow pages for the town you are in.
Well, I wondered, because not all nail salons deal with acrylics. Many places even here that claim to do nails, only work with real nails. If the acrylics aren't a popular thing over there, if the silk wraps or the crystal things are more popular, or whatever, and not many people wear acrylics, it could be a real problem. Thanks for your answer!
Loadsa people wear acrylics, honest. Don't worry, this little island, isn't as backwards as everyone seems to think.
Well, I would have put it as "maybe not quite as obsessed with fake crap", myself. :^)

Actually, I was more concerned with the timing factor-I figured there would be places availible that would do fills and repairs. But this friend and I have had lots of conversations about how the U.S. is a "I want it and I want it right *now*!" culture to a much greater extent than the U.K. is. He thinks it's hysterical that there were several times when I was in college and working on a group project with people that we ran out of printer ink or glue or something at 3am and made a WalMart run. I asked him, "Well, what do you do over there when you suddenly need crayons at 3am?" And he said that people are better at planning ahead, duh.

So, I wondered if the salons I am used to, where you go in and put your name on a list and within an hour, many times with no waiting at all, you can get your nails taken care of, were a common phenomenon over there, or if, because you are more patient and do more planning, if it would be a situation where the salons expect you to make an appointment two weeks in advance. Am I spoiled to living in a 24-hour culture, or is that kind of salon that does most of its business by taking walk-ins a common phenomenon in other countries?

Thanks again for your replies, I do appriciate them.
I live in London so, I can't speak for the rest of the UK. Ealing, Putney and a few others have nail salons with drop-in appointments.

The 24 hr life isn't quite here yet, thank god. So, all the drop ins will be 9-5/6.